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About the product
Our Topical Lidocaine Formula is recommended by a grand total of 1300 urologists, and it is designed and formulated to help manage small ejaculation successfully and fully. With a metered dose, men are able to control their penile sensitivity and perform better sexually.
Apply our product just 10 minutes before the intercourse, and enjoy as your endurance is maximized. Promescent spray can be purchased with no hassle, without a prescription from your doctor. With an adjustable sensitivity you are in control.

 Developed and created with a prestigious powerful Traditional healer Dr Mama Harimah , Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray is the only spray on the market that absorbs underneath the skin to affect the nerve endings, providing longer and more satisfying sex. This product is endorsed by Men's Health, Esquire, and Men's Fitness.

 The cream is 100% ZA compliant and will not transfer to your partner, leaving you both to enjoy fun and satisfying sex.

Product description
Promescent is a topical cream that is applied just 10 minutes before sex, enabling a man to manage premature . Its unique formula allows for effective absorption of topical lidocaine. Only Promescent is formulated to absorb below the surface of the skin where the nerve endings that control are located. Developed with one of the leading Herbalist in the world , Promescent's absorption technology, in conjunction with the metered-dose spray bottle, enables men to easily manage penile sensitivity in order to maintain optimum sexual satisfaction. Promescent is now recommended by 1300 urologists to help men who want to last longer. It is fast (takes effect in as little as 10 minutes), easy to use and will not transfer to your partner. Now you can stop premature and enjoy longer lasting sex.

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Also, a 200ml tube of Testostrovolt penis exercise and enlargement cream. This is ideal for men who wish to take their penis exercises seriously. This is for men who really want to 
In this ebay offer, we are offering the Testostrovolt pill formula. Also, a 200ml tube of Testostrovolt penis exercise and enlargement cream. This is ideal for men who wish to take their penis exercises seriously. This is for men who really want to permanently enlarge their penis. The cream also has penis enlargement effects. This cream has a gradual penis enlargement effect when used over several weeks and even more with penis exercises. You can expect to add inches to your manhood. This is ideal in combination with penis milking exercises. Please note: the 200ml quantity is huge. 200ml is four times the quantity that you would receive for other penis enlargement creams. Do not buy 50ml when you can buy 200ml! This is the best value for money you will find anywhere on ebay. Please check other ebay listings. You will immediately see that this is an amazing offer.
Many men will remember the time that they asked their girlfriend about the largest that they have ever had. It is disconcerting when while scanning through her memories, a large smile appears on her face....
Various surveys conducted by prophylactic manufacturers have shown 60% to 70% of women would prefer a larger penis size - "No, size doesn't matter - just how large it is!" - a typical comment. 
The larger penis size contacts a larger surface area with more nerve endings stimulated within the vagina for more profound love making.
There are many factors to consider that alter penis size. Changes in hormonal levels can reduce penis stimulation when aroused, caused by the aging process, drug abuse or excessive alcohol intake. Additionally, an aged enlarged prostate reduces the general flow of blood into the area.
It has been found that most men by the age of 50 have lost 0.5 inches of the penis size they had at age 20.
Alternatively, an individual may simply be less endowed, yet with a capacity for promoting growth when the tissues are sufficiently stimulated beyond their usual limits.
This product is entirely safe, created from natural herbal sources by A specialist Herbalist Dr mama Harimah and selected for specifically targeting certain systems throughout the body as well as the penis itself. This proprietary blend has been created to increase blood circulation, stamina/energy as well as enhance your sense of overall well being. These ingredients taken together will greatly improve your sexual performance.

 You should expect : -
Improved sexual stamina
Improved penis size
Harder and fuller erections
Improved well being, especially for those with low hormone levels/hormone imbalances.
More intensive, satisfying orgasms
After a few weeks of usage a permanent enlargement of your penis
All of this within a formula that is safe and natural in comparison to what is often only available with a prescription
provides comfort and quality of sex.
 Increases the potency and promotes new intense sensations.
 Provides great lubrication. Fragrance and parabens free.
 Titan gel can be used during sex as well as with a vacuum pump, extenders, and when performing special penis enlargement exercises 
 known as  "jelqing”.
 The positive effect for penis enlargement is ensured thanks to a synergistic complex of biologically active substances: hyaluronic 
 and succinic  acids, as well as natural extracts of verbena and strawberry fruit.

Why do you need Titan Gel?
*a positive effect on potency; 
*stimulates the male body's production of testosterone; 
*increases the sensitivity of the penis; 
*active substances make the tissue of the penis more elastic and contribute to its increase.
*does not stain clothes, easy to rinse with water